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The team

Executive team

Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Andrée Defois

Andrée founded the Tallage company in 1993 with Jean-Christophe. She has been its president and now deputy CEO for almost 30 years, to serve clients with supply, demand and price forecasts.
With an agro-economics degree from AgroParisTech, where she specialized in global commodity markets, she was previously at the helm of the "Grain market Research department" of Louis-Dreyfus-&-Cie in Paris.

Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Jean-Christophe Paquier

Jean-Christophe was, with Andrée, one of the two creators of Tallage in 1993. He is responsible for the company's administrative, commercial and IT division. As agricultural engineer (AgroParisTech) by training, he was previously a consultant at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), and IT project manager (Presstalis)

Oilseed analyst

Hémeline Macret

Hémeline heads the oilseed markets analysis. She is the publication manager of the EU Oilseed Report and the World Oilseed Report. She is also responsible for the rapeseed and vegetable oils market analysis at the EU and world levels. She joined Tallage in 2006 as a maize and biofuel analyst. She created and developed the Stratégie Grains Oilseed reports, which were launched in 2012 and 2018.
With an agro-economics degree from AgroParisTech, she was previously an economic consultant for farmers in the Ile-de-France area.

Grain and crop analyst

Benoît Fayaud

Benoît joined Tallage in 2013 as a crop analyst on EU and Black Sea countries. He has a master degree in agronomy from the Ecole Supérieure d'Agriculture d'Angers and a PhD in Agronomy from the university of Angers obtained in 2012.
He heads the crop analysts desk since 2020. Beside this role, he belongs to the grain desk and is responsible for the maize market analysis at the EU and world levels. He takes part in the publication of the monthly grain report (EU and world).

IT team

IT development manager

Céline Brousse

Céline joined Tallage in 2011. She is in charge of web development. She has built Tallage Datafeed API.
She pays strong attention to understanding users needs in leading IT developmnt projects. Prior to joigning, she worked in business incubator context as well as in large structures, always in-house.

IT developper and animal feed analyst

Dhiya Bakache

Dhiya joined Tallage in 2019 as a Data analyst. He is also contributing in animal feed analysis in the EU.
Dhiya graduated from Montpellier university with a master's degree in project engineering. He has prior experience in data analysis and worked in research institute, he always has a quest to update himself and stay current with the changing trends in technology.

Administrative and commercial team

Administrative/publishing assistant

Natacha Fernandes

Natacha is responsible for supplying the statistical databases, the layout of the Stratégie grains reports, administrative supplies, help desk support and the switchboard.

Subscription manager

Sébastien Cimetto

Sebastien joined Tallage in 2009 and is responsible for "Stratégie grains'" customer relationships worldwide. He previously worked as a salesperson for a supplier in the aircraft fastener industry.

Administrative/publishing assistant

Catherine Sourty

Catherine is in charge of monitoring customers and suppliers, administrative supplies, preparing accounting and payroll reporting. She also contributes to the proof reading of Stratégie grains reports.

Crop team

Crop analyst

Vincent Braak

Vincent joined the Tallage team at the end of 2018 as a crop analyst. He is responsible for the crop production forecasts for European and Black Sea countries and participates in the preparation of monthly grains and oilseeds reports.
Prior to joining, he spent few years in the fields of plant breeding and crop fertilisation.

Crop analyst

Erick Kambayeko

Erick belongs to the crop analysts desk since 2020. He provides crop production insights for EU contries and Russia.
Erick has prior experiences as project manager and analyst in the agriculture sector (development and organization of different agriculture and livestock fields) - enhanced by solid academic profile with a Master's degree in Science and Technology of Agriculture, Food and the Environment (STAAE) obtained at Montpellier SupAgro and a Bachelor's degree in Agro-economics obtained at Laval University.

Crop analyst

Aurélien Blary

Aurélien joined Tallage in 2022 as a crop analyst for European and Black Sea countries. He graduated with an engineer’s degree in horticulture (Institut Agro Rennes-Angers) and a PhD degree in Plant Science (Université Paris Saclay).
Before joining Tallage, Aurélien conducted research on the mechanisms of reproduction and the control of growth and development in plants. He notably investigated genetic factors impacting meiotic recombination frequencies in rapeseed in France (INRAE, Versailles) and in Germany (University of Giessen). In Strasbourg (IBMP), Aurélien applied genetic and metabolomic approaches to find regulators of sterol mediated growth in barley.

Grains team

Grain analyst

Hélène Duflot

Hélène is member of the grain desk since 2015. She is responsible for wheat analysis.
On top of the monthly grain report (UE and world), she is also responsible for the EU malting barley report that she developped in 2018.

Grain analyst

Séverine Omnes-Maisons

Séverine joined Tallage in 2018. She is part of the grain desk as analyst responsible for durum wheat and oats. She is in charge of the durum report.
She is currently developing knowledge about the grain sector in organic farming.

Grain analyst

Adèle Dridi

Adèle joined Tallage in 2021 as barley and other feed grains market analyst. She takes part in the publication of the monthly grain reports (European Union and World).
He is graduated in engineering from AgroParisTech in 2021.

Oilseed team

Biofuel and oilseed analyst

Nouha Slama

Nouha joined Tallage in 2018 as an oilseed market analyst (sunflower and vegetable oils). She takes part in the publication of the monthly oilseed reports (EU and world). She is also in charge of the "biofuels" module since 2019.
Nouha is an agro-economist engineer and has a master's degree in "Project and public policy engineering" from the University of Montpellier.

Oilseed analyst

Maryna Khandazhivska

Maryna is responsible for the analysis of the European and World markets for rapeseed meal, soymeal, and sun meal and she is responsible for perspectives on the EU animal feed sector. She participates in the drafting of the EU Oilseed Report, World Oilseed Report and EU Grains Report.
She joined Tallage in 2019. With International Master's degree from École Supérieure d'Agriculture d'Angers, she was previously a grain market analyst at ODA Groupe.

Oilseed analyst

Anais Pigot

Anaïs joined Tallage in 2021 as an oilseed market analyst (rapeseed and vegetable oils). She takes part in the publication of the monthly oilseed reports (European Union and World). She was previously in charge of agricultural development in the Centre Val de Loire region for a French farmer's union.
She graduated from UniLasalle Beauvais with a master's degree in agronomy.

Biofuels and vegetal oils analyst

Armand Leroy

Armand joined Tallage in 2022 as a biofuels and vegetable oils analyst. He participates in the writing of the monthly Oilseeds reports (European Union and World).
He graduated as an engineer from AgroParisTech in 2021 after a one-year apprenticeship at TotalEnergies as a liquefied natural gas (LNG) market analyst.

Oilseed analyst

Vyashini Chokupermal

Before joining Tallage in 2022 as a global soybean and soymeal market analyst, Vyashini previously worked as an agricultural market data journalist.
She holds an engineer degree in agriculture from AgroSup Dijon and majored in agricultural market and organization of value chain at Montpellier Supagro. Her main mission is to take part in the publication of the monthly oilseed report that includes both global and European markets.