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Welcome to Tallage / Stratégie grains
Tallage is an agro-economic research and analysis bureau and consultancy founded in January 1993 specializing in European and world grain and oilseed markets.

Our main areas of expertise are:
  • • Grains, oilseeds and plant protein markets;
  • • Agricultural by-products markets (distillers grains, starch, gluten, oils and oilmeals);
  • • Animal feeds (cattle, pig and poultry feeds);
  • • Biofuels markets (biodiesel and ethanol).

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Tallage is not involved in any trading or grain production.


The core of our activity is the publication of Stratégie grains (monthly report and online service), a reference for the analysis of the European arable market.

Latest updates

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Marketing year 2020/21 Grain maize harvests ended with heterogeneous results. National production remains very...
26/10/2020 09:26 Sunseed: 2019/20 inta-EU trade updated
Integration of custom statistics for the month of: - July 2020 (Germany, Belgium, Lux., Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Finland,...
23/10/2020 16:35 France, Italy: Biofuel consumption update
-Integration of the September 2020 consumption statistics for France and Italy (fossil fuels).  -Integration of the September 2020...