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Outlook for global grain and oilseed complex 2018-2022

Stratégie Grains is proposing in a new study its 5-year vision for agricultural markets, in the EU and the main players of the world market (Supply and Demand from 2017/18 to 2021/22). The report includes forecasts of:
  • areas, yields and production for the main crops
  • supply & demand balance sheets for each major player (depending on the crop)
  • price trends over the coming 5 marketing years
It focuses on:
  • grains: soft wheat, durum, barley, maize
  • oilseeds: rapeseed, soybean, sunseed
  • veg. oils: soy, palm, rape and sun
  • meals: soy, sun, rape
The balance sheets highlights
  • production
  • trade (imports, exports)
  • different consumption types (animal, human, industrial)
  • stocks at the beginning and at the end of the marketing year
We provide you with a long-term study using Stratégie Grains' methods and skills, putting into perspective the main trends for the agricultural markets in the years ahead.

Publication date: February 2018.
Number of pages : 64
Available languages: English and French

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Price: 1500 €