Stratégie grains - Grain Reports

SG Grains Reports
These publications provide you with a complete analysis of developments on the wheat, barley and maize markets.

 Complete and updated supply and demand balances
 Forecast of price movements
 Cereal output forecasts
 Analysis of industry requirements
 Cereal consumption forecast for the animal feed sector

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In our EU Grain Report, find in-depth analysis and comments, bringing together the various factors which influence price movements and trade patterns in Europe.
Available in english/french/spanish/german.
Our World Grain Report gives you our forecasts about S&D of each of the major importing and exporting countries.
Available in English and French.

Our world report, alongside with the World S&D Web module highlights, as of January the forecasts which are made for the next marketing year.
This data displayed and available for download, are a great tool for global grain market players.