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Stratégie Grains Data Access definition

Stratégie Grains has designed a new service.

Stratégie Grains Data Access is an Application Programming Interface.

This premium service delivers several data feed from the Strategie Grains website, including crops, intra EU trade, extra EU trade, world trade, biofuel, animal feed, S&D balance sheets...

Stratégie Grains Data Access is dedicated to major companies in agri-commodity business that have an IT department or can use an IT provider.

  This API first requires appropriate credentials to next enable access ids.
All requests require authentication except for test use.

  While you develop your application and experiment with your integrations, you can use a test token.
No need to enable api access or authenticate for your tests.
The dataset is limited to one campaign and one country previously defined by Stratégie Grains.

  For more technical specifications, please use our inline documentation.
If your credentials do not allow you to enable Stratégie Grains Data Access Api access or just to evaluate how our API can fit with your needs, please contact Sebastien Cimetto at or +33 1 64 70 06 85.