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Grains and Oilseed-complex prospects for European and World markets (2017-2022)
Stratégie Grains is proposing in a new study its 5-year vision of agricultural markets, for the EU and the main players of the world market (Supply and Demand balances from 2017/18 to 2021/22).

The rapport will include forecasts of: It will focus on: This long-term study will be done with Stratégie Grains' methods and skills, and will provide the main trends for the agricultural markets in the years ahead.

The study will be published on early 2018: you already can benefit from a pre-order discount price.

Pre-order price: 1250 € (limit: October 15 2017) — 1500 € at the time of publication

The study will be available both in French and English versions.