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Stratégie grains special report China
July 2016


Chinese agricultural dynamics: which impacts on the world grain market?

Why have corn stocks exploded in recent years?
How agricultural policy impacts Chinese market?
Which pressures are coming to bear on China's agriculture sector?
What are the trends at work in human, industrial and animal sector consumption?
Which consequences on China's cereal balance sheets?

The special report on China aims to provide a detailed view on Chinese agricultural situation, as well our own estimates of crop/animal productions and cereal balance sheets.

  • What are the challenges facing agriculture in China?
  • How have China's agricultural policies changed?
  • Are the official estimates for crop productions credible?
  • How has Chinese meat production evolved?
  • What are the major trends for wheat supply and demand in China?
  • Malting: the main driver of demand for barley in China?
  • What is Stratégie grains' estimate for maize stocks in China.
This new special report from Stratégie grains has been published in July 2016.

Number of pages: 90
Available languages: English and French

Documents provided: report in PDF format

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