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Rouen 2018

Within the framework of the European Commodities Exchange 2018 in Rouen(France), Stratégie Grains invites you to an exceptional conference staged on Thursday 25th October 2018 in the Salle Flaubert, located within the buildings of the Stock Exchange itself.

2018 marks a turning point for Stratégie Grains: we offer you a new raft of worldwide analysis tools that complement our expertise in the European field. This new key focus for our strategy comprehensively reflects the accumulation of more than ten years of experience in the analysis of world markets.

10:30am    Welcome for delegates
11:00am-1:00pm    - Key worldwide forecasts for the 2018/19 campaign (grains, oilseeds, sugar)
 - Initial outlook for 2019/20 (grains, oilseeds, sugar)
 - Presentation of new products that support and reflect this development:
     The Web module dedicated to worldwide supply and demand balance sheets, which will cover all the key countries for each commodity
     The new Stratégie Grains report focusing on global markets
1:00pm-2:30pm    Cocktail reception / lunch

This event will provide the opportunity to once again look at the major challenges of the forthcoming campaign, which will be detailed by Stratégie Grains analysts.

Registration procedure

The conference is free for participants on the condition that they register with the European Commodities Exchange 2018, and then register separately for the conference. Both registrations will be required for entry to the venue.

The registration procedure for the Exchange can be viewed at


To register for the conference, please fill in the form below (required fields):

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