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Prospects for European and world sugar markets (2017/18 and first forecasts for 2018/19)

After the publication of our April report, we offer you an update of our forecasts of European and global sugar balance sheets for 2017/18 marketing year.

Indeed, since last spring, world sugar prices collapsed, the 2017 sugarbeet harvest began and EU production and export prospects are becoming clearer. In this new report, you will find our most recent prospects for the current and previous marketing years:

  • Beet area, yield and production forecasts for the EU28 by Member State
  • European sugar balance sheets by Member State
  • Intra-EU sugar trade matrix
  • Global outlook and balance sheets of the main players in the sugar market
  • Outlook for world and European sugar prices
Furthermore, you will find our first forecast for:
  • 2018/19 area and production of sugarbeet in the EU
  • 2018/19 EU sugar production

Publication date: 12 October 2017.

Number of pages: 20
Available languages: English and French

Documents provided:
  • report in PDF format
  • appendix in XLS format: EU sugar balances of EU countries and intra-EU trade matrix (2015/16 to 2017/18)
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