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Sugar module
This service offers comprehensive analysis of sugar supply and demand in the EU.

The analysis is based on our estimates for sugar beet harvests, forecast for food and industrial requirements in each EU country. We also forecast and provide on-going monitoring of intra-EU trade and trade between the EU and third countries.
To conclude the analysis, Stratégie grains offers detailed commentary on factors influencing sugar price movements and provides a price outlook for the coming months

Subscribers to the sugar web module have access to the Sugar report published every two months and to various web services on :
  • • Supply and demand balance sheets
  • • Crops
  • • EU trade (intra-EU and EU/third countries)
Data updates and analysis are communicated via live-wire updates on our website.

In additional to full access to our estimates and forecasts, a subscription to the sugar module gives access to our historical data going back more than 5 years.

To access the web service using the password provided, select the "Sign in" option on the top right of the "welcome" screen or click here. You can request a free demo of the web service here. The free demo will allow you to try out our web service with access to our forecasts and data for the current marketing year.
Latest updates :
30/07/2021 23:50 Rapeseed: world trade revised down sharply in 2021/22
WORLD TRADE: -1.37 Mt to 15.7 Mt (-2.3 Mt vs. 2020/21)  Due to lower availabilities in Canada and the unattractiveness of Canadian canola on the...
30/07/2021 23:50 Rapeseed : EU imports revised down sharply in 2021/22
IMPORTS: -0.85 Mt to 5.5 Mt EU 27 (-0.77 Mt vs. 2020/21)  Since last month, Canadian and Australian canola is not competitive at all on shipments...
30/07/2021 23:13 Rapeseed: intra-EU trade forecast at the same level in 2021/22 than in 2020/21
As a result of the downward revision of Hungary's harvest, we have revised sharply down the rapeseed exports forecast from that country. Exports...
30/07/2021 19:01 Soybeans: downward revisions in world trade in 2020/21 and 2021/22
Integration of custom statistics for the month of: - May 2021 (Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands,...