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Stratégie grains - sugar report

Stratégie grains – sugar report is published bi-monthly and offers in-depth analysis of European market fundamentals for sugar in the post-quota environment.
The analysis method – employed successfully for more than 25 years to study cereal balance sheets and for more than 5 years for oilseed balance sheets – is applied to the sugar market in Europe.
The report offers full analysis of factors impacting European price movements and EU sugar trade.
Stratégie grains - Sugar Report
Stratégie Grains – sugar report is a report of about 20 pages allowing you to follow closely:
For further information Sugar beet production forecasts in Europe
Our forecasts for European area, yields and production are updated for each EU country. The forecasts are made using a method that cross-references field data with financial and climate data. They are based on over 20 years of historical data on cultivated areas, yields and production.

For further information Analysis of food, industrial and bioethanol consumption for all EU countries
Depending on the consumption trends in each country, competition from other sweeteners (notably isoglucose), we detail our demand forecasts for the food sector. We also present our forecasts of industrial consumption, as well as the use of sugar for the production of bioethanol, taking into account the dynamics of the biofuel market.

For further information Intra-EU trade monitoring
We analyse customs statistics and update our sugar trade forecasts between EU countries.

For further information Extra-EU trade monitoring
We update our forecasts for EU imports from third countries and EU exports to third countries according to the evolution of supplies, the global context and the competitiveness of European sugar.

For further information Versions and languages available
The report is available in French and English. It is provided in electronic version (file in PDF format to be download on our website

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The subscription to the Stratégie-Grains – sugar report gives access to sugar beet and sugar data in our web services:
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