End of sugar quotas: impacts on EU and world sugar markets (2017-2022)

How will the sugar markets in the EU and worldwide evolve during the coming years?
The reform of the single Common Market Organisation for sugar - which will eliminate production quotas for sugar and isoglucose and remove the minimum guaranteed purchase price paid to sugar beet growers - will create major changes to supply and demand beginning October 2017. A new post-quotas landscape will emerge from 2017/18.

Our new report will provide enhanced understanding and clarity for the outlook from 2017/18 to 2021/22:
  • Changes to sugar beet growing areas and production in EU countries in the years following the reform
  • Estimates for sugar production in the European Union in the post-quota years
  • Changes to isoglucose production and consumption in the EU, and potential competition for demand share between this sweetener and white sugar
  • Estimates for EU sugar imports in the post-quotas environment
  • Changes to world sugar production and global demand for sugar, and the EU's role on the international sugar market
  • Outlook for EU sugar exports in the post-quotas environment, both exports to third countries and intra-EU
  • Changes to the sugar balance sheets in European countries and outlook for sugar prices on EU and global markets
This new special report from Stratégie grains is published in November 2016.

Number of pages: 70
Available languages: English and French

Documents provided:
  • report in PDF format
  • appendix in XLS format: EU sugar balances of each EU country from 2010/11 to 2021/22
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