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Tallage is pleased to announce joining with AgriBriefing

We are delighted to announce that our company has formed a new relationship with the AgriBriefing Group.
Since its creation almost thirty years ago, we have acquired a leading position in Europe and on the world stage in the field of supply and demand forecasting of agricultural grain and oilseed markets.
We have continually adapted our products and services to match the needs of our customers – your needs.
To enhance the possibilities for further development of the services we provide to our customers and to prepare the future of our company, we believe that now is the time to add a new dimension.
AgriBriefing was formed in 2012 with a mission to provide information, news, market data, pricing intelligence and networks across the global agribusiness supply chain. Whilst often opaque and fragmented, these markets are becoming ever more international and interconnected, generating a constantly growing need for information and data so that market participants can operate more efficiently.
AgriBriefing’s trusted brands include: Feedinfo; Urner Barry’s Comtell; Agrimoney; Farmers Guardian; FG Insight; LAMMA; Foreign Trade Data; Obsono; Seafood News; CropTec; Arable Farming; The Global Protein Summit; Dairy Farmer and Delphi.
As part of a leading group that is already established in the United Kingdom, France and United States, we will be able to put numerous synergies into action.
We will do this by maintaining what has been the core of our success these past thirty years: the absolute independence of our forecasting and the experience of our team in fundamental market analysis.

We thank you for your loyalty,

Andrée Defois

AgriBriefing's press release: