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Welcome to Tallage / Stratégie grains

Tallage, research firm specializing in agro-economic European markets of grain, was established in January 1993.
The company's main activities are publication Stratégie grains (monthly report and web service), reference for the analysis of the grain market in Europe, the implementation of targeted economic studies, and additional analysis to Stratégie grains as well as training for business areas related to agricultural commodity markets.
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Tallage is not involved in any trading or grain production
Web Services
21/10/201417:50   Egyptian seeks wheat and Taiwan seeks corn, Morocco ...
21/10/201417:28   Barley: EU exports 2014/15
21/10/201417:11   Hungary: cereals area forecasts for 2015/16
21/10/201417:06   Hungary: first oilseed and protein crop area ...
21/10/201415:50   Maize: 2013/14 intra-EU trade volumes revised ...
21/10/201415:16   Austria: first cereals area forecasts for 2015/16
21/10/201415:02   Austria: first oilseed area forecast for 2015/16
21/10/201411:53   Finland: first area estimates for 2015/16
21/10/201411:51   Rapessed: intra-EU trade update for 2014/15
20/10/201412:02   France, Sweden: biofuel consumption update
20/10/201411:35   Rapeseed: EU 2014/15 trade with third countries ...
17/10/201410:59   Certificate granting / Management Committee: Data ...
16/10/201418:21   Tunisia seeks durum wheat - US sell corn
15/10/201417:09   Turkey buys wheat
15/10/201415:44   Publication of the monthly SG Grain Report 262
15/10/201412:22   Soft wheat: EU exports 2014/15 revised down

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