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Welcome to Tallage / Stratégie grains
5 May 2016 End of EU sugar quotas: what are the expected impacts on EU and world sugar markets 2017-2022?
We will publish a special report in autumn 2016 that will give you visibility on the EU sugar market for the five years following quota abolition. Pre-order price: 1900 € (offer valid until June 1, 2016) - 2500 € when published. More information and online order ...
Tallage is an agro-economic research and analysis bureau and consultancy founded in January 1993 specializing in European and world grain and oilseed markets.

Our main areas of expertise are: Our activities include the publication of Stratégie grains (monthly report and online service - the reference for analysis of grain markets in Europe), targeted economic studies, additional analysis to complement Stratégie grains for clients, and specialized training for businesses around agricultural and commodity markets.

Please follow this link to sign up for a free trial aimed at helping you discover the range of services offered by Stratégie grains. Tallage is not involved in any trading or grain production.

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25/05/2016 14:47 Rapemeal : publication of intra-EU trade in 2015/16
Rapemeal intra-EU trade is forecast to decrease by 0.35 Mt in 2015/16 to 4.58 Mt. This fall is due to decreasing rapemeal supplies, following a decline...More info
25/05/2016 12:06 Crop year 2007/08 intra-EU trade for Durum update
Update of figures for December 2007...More info
25/05/2016 09:44 Sweden: rapeseed production revised slightly down
Campaign 2016/17 After a difficult start last autumn in too wet conditions, a significant part of winter...More info
24/05/2016 20:33 Soft wheat: 2015/16 intra-EU trade update
Crop year 2015/16Integration of custom statistics for the month of:March: France, UK, Ireland, Greece, Spain,...More info
24/05/2016 15:11 United Kingdom: biofuel consumption update
Integration of the April 2016 consumption statistics for the United Kingdom (bio and fossil fuels). In the...More info
24/05/2016 11:12 Hungary/Slovakia: oilseed production updated
Campaign 2016/17 Rain has been sufficient in the last few weeks in Hungary and Slovakia to provide enough water...More info